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A2Z Alphabet Technologiez is one of the leading best solar panel installation company in Kerala. We have an extensive range of products suitable for all your needs. With the latest technology on the market, our company is dedicated to providing the customers with the best quality of services and products possible. We are working closely with customers to meet their needs and are ready to invest heavily in order to reach your goals. Our company has a wide range of products to choose from including, Solar systems, CCTV, Gate Automation, Biometric systems, and other digital security solutions.  We also apply up-to-date technologies for the benefit of our customers regarding the designing system that fits your budget and specifications. From design and fabrication to installation and maintenance, we invest in every step of solar energy production to ensure consistent and reliable performance for customers. We are always available at your service throughout the project terms and believe that our service and quality is what makes us stand out from the others.

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We are on a mission to provide customized service and to enable our clients to achieve high productivity.

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We are the leading technical services company with the ultimate goal of making high compatibility with your business needs.

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We will work as a team to provide you with the most cost-effective, scalable, and sustainable solution for your project.

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Imagine the fear of hardware breakdown or software failure when you are on the verge of finalizing a long-awaited project. It’s a nightmare,
but don’t worry ,Computer AMC service got you covered and prevent you from experiencing anything adverse.

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"Don't let your electricity bill burn your heart"

Before you look to solar to power your home, make sure you have a handle on your energy needs. The good news is, no matter how much energy you use, there are simple and affordable efficiency upgrades that can solve a lot of problems. Here’s a breakdown of what you should consider for a successful solar energy installation: Use your home more efficiently with a home energy audit. A professional energy auditor can help you understand where your home is losing energy and what steps to take to improve the efficiency of your home. Our audits will help lower your energy costs, Purchasing and installing a system that you fully own and maintain is no longer the only option if you want to go solar. Even if you rent your home or don’t want to purchase a rooftop system, there are many programs will enable you to still benefit from solar electricity. reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and challenge you to make small changes that make a big impact on the environment.

The solar panels for commercial buildings should be considered as investment rather than an expense. Solar power plants are long – term investment options and has higher Return on investment. The new, advanced technologies have reduced the cost of solar panels and installation drastically, and provides better Return on investment. Having a long – life time, the solar power plant continues to save money and in case of on- grid solar power plants, the excess energy from the solar power plants is sold to third parties and generates additional revenue for the commercial space. The pay – back period of the solar for commercial buildings is also very short, providing quicker benefits.

Govt projects such as airport, Railway stations are under green Energy which is under solar energy. It is high cost effective and has long durability. Underpass solar is a pioneering company at aviation, train station & government projects for providing solar power solutions using the latest solar technology. Our company is the leading Energy Management Company in India engaged in Solar Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage Solutions and Renewable Energy Storage for industries for meeting their Energy needs.