Smart Class is a solution designed to help teachers in meeting with new challenges and developing students abilities and performance.Smart class uses various technology to teach students such as T.V,LCD, Computers. It can be downloaded and installed from web to computer.

Adaptive Learning is a revolutionary educational platform using computer artificial intelligence algorithms to make learning engaging and effective for students with different abilities, interests, and learning styles. At the root of Adaptive Learning is the powerful premise that students’ needs can be personalized for them by providing successful content at the right time (and the right level) to help deliver on their learning goals. We’re passionate about understanding each student’s academic abilities and building a personalized education path that takes into account that student’s individual interests and challenges.

Epson projectors are compatible with the SMART Extended Control Panel (ECP); control the projector power, volume and input from select SMART Boards. Mutually tested and certified for compatibility by SMART and Epson.

Replace aging classroom projectors with new, high-quality Epson short- or ultra short-throw projectors.

Epson projectors offer up to 3x Higher Color Brightness than competitive 1-chip DLP projectors1.

Designed for the classroom, SMART Board IWBs include SMART Learning
Suite, which features several software solutions that facilitate an engaging
and interactive learning experience.

IWB and ECP from SMART; projector and mount from Epson.